Juice Fast, Spirulina & Chia Seeds

I talk about my upcoming juice fast and how we plan to get our protein from Spirulina & Chia seeds Links for Documentaries are on my blog: bnkweightlossjourney.blogspot.com Links for Spirulina & Chia Seeds were to wikipedia.

Yahoo answersI want to grow Chia plants for their seeds, how do I do this?

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    If you plant the seeds in pots or in the ground they'll grow, flower, go to seed. Don't know how many plants you'll need to harvest your "ton" of seeds, but you will need Salvia hispanica seeds to...

Salvia hispanica - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Salvia hispanica, commonly known as chia, is a species of flowering plant in the mint family, Lamiaceae, native to central and southern Mexico and ...

Chia - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Chia may refer to: Salvia hispanica, flowering plant, sprouts and culinary chia seed Salvia columbariae ("golden chia") Salvia polystachya Places Chía, Cundinamarca ...

Chia Pet - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Chia Pets. All include seeds for three plantings and drip tray. All include "Watch-Me-Grow Chia Card" as of wave 7, excluding Ram and Bull, ...

Chia seed - Recipes Wiki
A very tiny seed that is edible as a seed or is used for planting to produce sprouts. Easily digested, the chia seeds are black to white in color and are covered with ...

Talk:Salvia hispanica - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
User First Light makes the case that chia seeds were important in Aztec history by citing two books, one by Kintzios, the other by Ayerza and Coates.

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