Creamy Vegan Caesar with Chia Seed Oil Master Live Food Chef Chaya-Ryvka creates a creamy vegan caesar dressing using Living Tree Community's Alive Chia Seed Oil and a delicious green leaf salad to put it on.

Chia Seed Pudding | The Tree of Health

Chia Seed is a little wonder.  Throw some in a bowl, add some cold or warm water, and watch it change in to a gelatinous gloop (even though it is gluten-free).  Because of its gel like consistency when added to water, it can be used as a replacement for eggs in recipes.

In Aztec times Chia Seed was used as the general unit of currency.  Can you imagine?  It’s a member of the mint family (although...

Source: The Tree of Health

Yahoo answersWhat other supplements can I take besides kelp and flax seed to benefit my body?

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    Highly nutritious foods you should consider: sprouts, chlorella, spirulina, paprika, turnip greens, mustard greens, kale, garlic, brewers yeast, raw almonds, ground flax seeds & chia seeds . For...

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    Instead, I decided to try making vegan chia seed muffins. I found a recipe online, and had to make a few substitutions based on what we have in the house, including making bars instead of muffins, since we don't have a muffin tin. Chia seeds are great

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Chia Tree with Star Light - Official site for Chia Seeds and ...
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Alive, Organic Chia Seed Oil! Extra Virgin and Cold Pressed!
Alive, Organic Chia Seed Oil! Extra Virgin and Cold Pressed!

Alive, Organic Chia Seed Butter - Living Tree Community Foods ...
The Native Americans of the Southwest would eat only chia seed mixed with water as they ran from the Colorado River to the Pacific Ocean to trade products.

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CHIA TREE. Contains: Handmade decorative planter; Full Coat in 2 weeks; Chia seed packet for 3 plantings; Convenient plastic drip tray; Planting and care instruction ...

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Official site for Chia Seeds and Softgels, Chia Pet, Ove Glove, The Clapper, ... Chia Tree with Star Light . Chia Refill Seeds : Chia Hello Kitty . Chia SpongeBob .

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