Chia Seed Oil Extraction

Oil extraction using an Cold Screw Oil Press. Press is running at 30% speed. According to weight testing, we are at approximately 94% extraction. You can purchase our Oil Press by visiting our online store at - For more information about our products, visit...

10 Reasons to Eat Chia Seeds -

The Aztec warriors used Chia as their main source of fuel during conquests but just recently have Chia seeds exploded on the health food scene. You’ve probably already read about chia seeds having the power to support heart health, energize your body and the high quality protein but we are in search of the 10 reasons to eat chia seeds you might not know. We are going to need some real...


Yahoo answersWhere can I buy Chia seeds?

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    Chia Seeds are new to the market. They are presently in health food stores and some drug stores in California and New York. Trader Joe's does not carry them. Your best bet is to buy them online....

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  • 30 Years After Chia Pets, Seeds Hit Food Aisles

    In 2009, Ms. Hoffman developed fruit juices with chia seeds suspended in them. (Exposure to liquid gives the seeds a sticky, gelatinous coating, which is how they bond to the terra-cotta pets.) “My first sales call a year and a half later was to Whole

  • New kids on the block

    It's a brave move, considering the current instability of the economy. Admittedly, not-so-newbies have it slightly easier. Chia's status as an established artist of merit has helped garner support. NYT is receiving a S$100,000 annual seed grant from

  • Medina man comes home to start gluten-free business

    Indoe uses gluten-free oats, amaranth — a grain — and other organic fruits and seeds. When it comes to Now, he's developing a Cherry Chocolate Chia bar using berries from Michigan and the chia grain he hopes to release next year. “I try to keep

  • This Thanksgiving, Try Phoning It In

    “For example, with a recipe for Chia Muffins, we could show you offers from chia-seed sellers,” says Cutright. It may not have cracked its business model, but Foodily may have already cracked the favorite side dishes for Thanksgiving 2012. According to

  • HSBC May Get $9.6 Billion for Ping An, Newspaper Reports

    “HSBC group will be more devoted to the commercial banking business, rather than insurance,” following a sale, Wilson Li, a Shenzhen-based analyst at Guotai Junan Securities Co., wrote yesterday in a note to clients. The bank may use the proceeds to

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