Title: Chia Seeds: Food of the (Barefoot Running) Gods

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White Chia Seeds - Source for Super Nutrition

The sacred white chia seed has been a cherished food of native people from the Americas. Chia seed is an abundant power house of nutrition.

They are the famed super food of the Tarhumara natives of Northern Mexico. This legendary tribe is noted for their long distance run abilities. They have been know to run for 100+ miles without stopping.  Imagine running 100+ miles through desert mountain...

Source: Zebra Organics Blog

Yahoo answersHow close to running should I eat chia seeds?

  • Running

    Before, at least an hour. After, within a half hour would be the most beneficial.

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  • A seedy tale

    I learned about chia seeds from my daughter Asia, who learned about them from Born To Run by Christopher McDougall, a book about the long-distance running ability of the Tarahumara people of Mexico. The Tarahumara use chia seeds to enhance their

  • New kids on the block

    It's a brave move, considering the current instability of the economy. Admittedly, not-so-newbies have it slightly easier. Chia's status as an established artist of merit has helped garner support. NYT is receiving a S$100,000 annual seed grant from

  • Amid Storm Recovery, Marathon Expo Opens Doors to Runners

    rows of booths showcasing things like brightly colored compression socks, dry-fit shirts, green cups of Gatorade samples and nutrition bars made with chia seeds — items that apparently appeal to people who are three days away from running a marathon.

  • Keywords & Search In 2013: Interview With Andrew Goodman & Matt Van Wagner

    MV: One of the things people are running into is cross-device attribution, and of course, they want to solve it. I don't think it's a solvable problem. But you can I'm going to go buy a farm and plant some chia seeds . Opinions expressed in the

  • Mango or Papaya? Spinach or Kale? Food Face-Offs

    I cook my oatmeal in nonfat milk and top it with low-fat cottage cheese (extra protein) and chia seeds (for extra fiber and healthy omega-3 fats). Bottom line: Starting your morning with either of these whole grains can be a home run. But if you're

www.runningfood.com - The original and the best Chia!
Every harvest of chia seed that Running Food mills and processes is tested to ensure quality and consistent nutritional values.

Chia Seeds - Ultrarunning Insights, the Guide To Achieving Your ...
Chia Seeds 9 Reasons Why Chia Seeds Are An Ideal Performance Food. Chia seeds are my latest discovery during my mission to find the foods that benefit me in my ...

Chia Seeds, the "Running Food" | Ultra Running, New Zealand
Chia seeds are an ancient superfood from the Central American region. It is said that the Aztec warriors survived on only Chia seed during the conquests.

Tarahumara Pinole and Chia Iskiate Recipe
Tarahumara tribe in Mexico is bad-ass. If you go to meet them, drink some of their chia-seed drink, pinole. Good running form is on your toes!

Running Sucks: Chia Seeds Basil Seeds
All about running, more running and everything relating to running. Well almost.

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