Chia Seeds is the New Flax! Personal Trainer Tracy Steen

I think Chia Seeds might just be the new "Flax" seeds! Chock full of iron, magnesium, and vitamin C, just to name a few, they are just as fun to eat as they are to!! Visit me at for more eating and training ideas!


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Chia fresca is a very popular drink in Mexico and Central America (where chia seed originates from) : simply stir 2 teaspoons of chia seeds into 250ml of water (you’ll end up with a slightly gelatinous liquid)....

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Yahoo answersWhat African mango seed brand did Dr Oz recommend?

  • Diet & Fitness

    Dr. Oz has never recommended any brand. Visit his website and you will see a statement he made making it explicitly clear he never endorses any specific brand of supplement. He did do a show about...

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Salvia hispanica - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Salvia hispanica seed is marketed most often under its common name "chia", ... Chia seeds may be added to other foods as a topping or put into smoothies, ...

Chia Seeds -
Brand Names . Products . Conditions. ... Now Foods, Real Food, White Chia Seed , 1 lb (454 g) $11.76 $11.99 (2% Off) (70) Healthy Origins, White Chia Seed, 16 oz (454 g)

Chia seed - whole - Bulk Herb Store
Common Name: Chia Latin Name: Salvia Origin: USA Organic, raw and non-GMO! These seeds are known as “Indian Running Food” - Aztecs used this...

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