Blueberry Chia Seed Muffin Recipe

Forget about guilt, these muffins are loaded with healthy nutrients you'll need to sustain you all day long. Find more great recipes like this at

Chia Seeds Chocolate Cupcakes

Each week I try and make something interesting and home made to go in the kids' lunch boxes. They've been loving those banana chia seed muffins, so I had a mind to make chocolate cupcakes a bit healthier by using chia seeds as an egg replacer in them too. Chia seeds are a good source of fibre, amongst other things .

They turned out well, so here is the recipe

Eggless chocolate...

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Yahoo answershen baking with Chia seeds can I use it as a substitute for the oil like I can with Flaxseeds?

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    Sure you can.

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    I've never added chia seeds — one of my favorite superfoods — to baked goods though they are a staple in my daily diet. I usually throw flax seeds in my muffins but was out, so figured chia seeds were a suitable alternative. Yes, they were! Because

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    Equally, are there foods with the power to shrink that muffin top? And perhaps most Foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids like chia seeds , walnuts, and fish like salmon. Omega-3 rich foods been Holiday option: walnuts and pumpkin seeds. Foods rich

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    But a few hours later, it's nearly 1 a.m., and you're surrounded by apple-cider-oatmeal muffin batter, brown butter icing burning on the stove, spilled chia seeds , dirty dishes, a few loaves of rising whole wheat dough to make into soup bowls, turkey

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    Instead, I decided to try making vegan chia seed muffins. I found a recipe online, and had to make a few substitutions based on what we have in the house, including making bars instead of muffins, since we don't have a muffin tin. Chia seeds are great

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How can you incorporate chia into your diet? This muffin recipe is a tasty and delicious way to get your dose. Pin It. Added to Recipes on Fri 10/07/2011.

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Pumpkin-Chia Seed Muffins Adapted from Mom-A-Licious by Domenica Catelli. ... Recipe for Spiced Banana-Walnut Muffins, as seen in the July 2009 issue of O, ...

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How to Make Chia Seed Muffins. Chia seeds may lead to substantial hair growth in Chia Pets, ... Danica's Daily; Meyer Lemon Chia Seed Muffin Recipe; Mar 11;

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These very tasty Banana Chia Seed Muffins are a delicious and easy-to-make way to incorporate chia seeds in your diet. These muffins make a great breakfast meal as ...

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Try this chia pumpkin muffin recipe for a wholesome delicious breakfast or snack you can enjoy on the go.

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