How to Use Chia Seeds Learn how to use chia seeds with Navitas Naturals and Chef Julie Morris. Chia seeds are an excellent source of nutrition, learn more.

Use chia seeds to make a simple vanilla almond tapioca-style ...

The trouble with this underappreciated ingredient is that for the next few days you’re going to have its only-available-on-TV jingle stuck in your head.

Ch-ch-ch-chia! That’s right, we’ve wandered into the Chia Pet aisle. Because the same seeds used to grow fluffy green pets also happen to be delicious and nutritious.

First, the basics.

Chia seeds — which are a relative of sage —...


Yahoo answersWhat are some really good recipes for chia seeds?

  • Running

    Most people add it to water and chug it down. I add it to milk and drink. You can sprinkle it on salad, yogurt, oatmeal, toast, cereal, etc. Add it to your smoothie. One great way to enjoy is...

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  • 3-Ingredient Strawberry Chia Seed Jam

    If you've heard of chia seeds but are still unsure how to use them, this is the recipe for you. It's a simple, 3-ingredient strawberry jam that's so easy a kid could make it! Plus, it can be modified to suit your taste in just about every way, be it

  • 30 Years After Chia Pets, Seeds Hit Food Aisles

    Mintel, a market research firm, counted 100 products containing chia in a presentation it did in March on the potential of increasing the use of the seeds in dairy products. “About two years ago, our retailers came to us and said, 'We need you to be in

  • Chia seeds - turn them into a pet or a pudding

    Chia seeds — which are a relative of sage — resemble poppy seeds, but with a nuttier, less assertive flavor. They have gobs of fiber and a fair amount of protein. The seeds were a staple of the Aztecs, who roasted and ground them, then mixed them

  • A seedy tale

    The Tarahumara use chia seeds to enhance their endurance, enabling them to run from place to place throughout their high-mountain abodes. They run in 100-mile marathons, easily finishing before all other competitors. Of course, I already knew about

  • LesserEvil Healthy Brands Announces Debut of Black Bean Chia Crisp

    LesserEvil Healthy Brands Co. announces the debut of Black Bean Chia Crisps, a new black bean and chia seed based snack chip in four unique flavors. Share on Twitter Share on Facebook Share on Google+ Share on LinkedIn Email a friend. 4 incredible

How to Use Chia Seeds |
Chia seeds contain high levels of essential omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. Once eaten by the Aztecs and Mayans, these black and white seeds are versatile, fitting ...

How to Use Chia Seeds for Health |
For centuries, Aztecs, Incans and Mayans used chia seeds as a main component of their diets. Today, chia seeds are still a popular staple food. Because of the ...

How to Use Chia Seeds
The best way to use chia seeds . Sprinkle chia seeds. Soak chia seeds. Drink chia seeds. FREE Special Report:5 Amazing Gluten Free Foods You Must Know!

40 Ways to use Chia Seeds - Chia Seed Recipes and Ideas
How to use chia seeds . Wondering how to use chia seeds? Chia seeds are very easy to incorporate into your diet. Below is a list of ways I have used them in my recipes.

How To Use Chia Seeds In Your Diet | LIVESTRONG.COM
How To Use Chia Seeds In Your Diet. Chia seeds are the edible seeds found in a desert plant of southern Mexico called salvia hispanica, according to Dr. Andrew Weil's ...

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