Equine Chia Brand - 6 Pounds of Certified Organic Chia Seeds in 2 x 3 Pound Bags

by EquineChia.com

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Whole Food for Horses - 05 Fats (Chia Seeds and Hemp Oil)

Fat can be viewed as the "long-burn" energy in your horse's diet, but different types of fats like fatty acids or triglycerides offer up different benefits. Feeding fats from whole food are even more beneficial to your horse's body. Learn the different types of fat and why Organic Chia Seeds and...

Yahoo answersWhat are some differences between saturated fats and Unsaturated fat?

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    Saturated fats are solid at cooler temperatures, they are more stable & don't go rancid the way unsaturated fats can. Polyunsaturated fats, although essential for good health needs to have a...

Equine Chia: Organic, Natural Horse Nutrition -- Home
All in One Seed — Organically grown nutritional boost! Chia is highly palatable and safe for all breeds and ages of pleasure, breeding and performance horses.

Equine Chia - Natural Horse care home and training
CHIA SEED boosts nutrition and brings healing and balance to Equines in a full spectrum. ... Chia Seed regulates blood sugar helping horses with overweight, ...

Equine Chia: Organic, Natural Horse Nutrition -- About Chia & Horses
Benefits of Chia Seed . Promotes a healthy, glossy coat; Stronger, faster growing hooves; Helps prevent laminitis and insulin disorders; Boosts the immune system

Bulk Organic Chia Seed for Horses - BioStar EQ - Performance Whole ...
Related Articles Cha Cha Cha Chia: For A Healthy Horse. The nutritional profile of chia seeds is an impressive one: higher in omega 3 essential fatty acids than flax ...

Is Chia Good For Your Horse?
Is Chia Good For Your Horse? Although there has been no detailed studies to date we are aware of, a number of breeders, trainers, riders, owners, etc. have fed chia ...

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