Atkins Diet Recipes: Low Carb Chocolate Chia Pudding (E-IF)

Please vote for me in the Atkins All Star contest -- To vote, click the Vote Now button and find my entry on page 10. You can vote daily. Round 1 ends July 31st. In partnership with FaveHealthyRecipes, I have been making a lot of low carb puddings recently from Chia seeds from banana to...

Raw Strawberry Macadamia Pie with Chocolate Chia Crust

Making pie crust with the chocolate chia seed crackers was so intriguing to me, I quickly took some strawberries out of the freezer.  I had some macadamia nuts in the fridge just waiting for the right recipe. I don't buy them often but thought we could have a nice treat for Thanksgiving.  One of those items I love that are in the bulk section because I can buy a small amount.  This was not only a good...

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Yahoo answersDoes any one know a good book for cooking with natural seeds and grains?

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    Where did you buy your quinoa? I have been looking for it and Publix were I live doesn't sell it. I live in a rural area. Anyway to answer your question. Here our a few books. Cooking with Grains...

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    Before she gets cooking, Morris offers a detailed look at the superfood pantry, offering explanations of the benefits that come from eating things such as mulberries (heart health and longevity), chia seeds (better mental function) and cacao (loads of

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    But a few hours later, it's nearly 1 a.m., and you're surrounded by apple-cider-oatmeal muffin batter, brown butter icing burning on the stove, spilled chia seeds , dirty dishes, a few loaves of rising whole wheat dough to make into soup bowls, turkey

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The Magic of Chia: Revival of an Ancient Wonder Food: James F ...
In The Magic of Chia, authority James F. Scheer details the seed's abundant nutrients: calcium, amylose (a slow-burning starch helpful for hypoglycemics), a vast ...

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Welcome to William (Bill) Anderson's web site where you can order your copy of the "Chia Seeds , the Ancient Food of the Future," A Simple Guide to a Healthy Lifestyle.

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