Chia Seeds & Honey Capsule ~ Experiment

This was my big experiment today and I think it turned out quite well. I've read that honey is good for endurance, and thanks to reading "Born to Run" I got turned on to the idea of Chia seeds . So this is my homemade and natural supplement substitute for gels and goos. I tried a few of these by...

God Is My Delight: pumpkin chia seed pudding

God has blessed me with a sweet husband, two wonderful grown children with spouses that I love, and three adorable grandaughters. God has given me an abundant life and I am constantly in awe of what a great God and Father we have! Please join me here, as I share with you the many things that inspire me and hopefully they will bring some inspiration to your life as well.

Source: God Is My Delight

Yahoo answersCan I take chia seed oil capsules and get the same health benefits as eating raw chia seeds?

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    The oil in chia seeds is almost all polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs), mainly omega 3 fatty acids. PUFAs are fragile & oxidize (go rancid) quickly when exposed to air. I do not recommend PUFAs...

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  • 3-Ingredient Strawberry Chia Seed Jam

    If you've heard of chia seeds but are still unsure how to use them, this is the recipe for you. It's a simple, 3-ingredient strawberry jam that's so easy a kid could make it! Plus, it can be modified to suit your taste in just about every way, be it

  • Snack company unveils chia line of products

    The LesserEvil Brand Snack Co. has introduced Chia Crisps, a line of snacks made using chia seeds. The snacks are available in four flavors: southern barbecue, feta and black olive, dill pickle, and jalapeno white cheddar. The company said a line of

  • 23 Mexican Restaurants To Be Awarded

    It is also a major producer of pomegranate, dried fruits, chia seeds , avocado, coffee, agave syrup, dried chiles, typically Yahualica, and it is the only state in Mexico that has an ostrich meat plant, TIF certified, and recently it has also been

  • Going Vegan: 5 favorite cookbooks from 2012 worth putting on your Christmas list

    Before she gets cooking, Morris offers a detailed look at the superfood pantry, offering explanations of the benefits that come from eating things such as mulberries (heart health and longevity), chia seeds (better mental function) and cacao (loads of

  • New kids on the block

    It's a brave move, considering the current instability of the economy. Admittedly, not-so-newbies have it slightly easier. Chia's status as an established artist of merit has helped garner support. NYT is receiving a S$100,000 annual seed grant from

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