Chia Seed Recipe with Yogurt and Orange Juice Vitamin C

New recipe using Chia Seed , Orange and Yogurt.

30 Years After Chia Pets, Seeds Hit Food Aisles

Now, chia is having a second life as a nutritional “it” item. Whole and ground chia seeds are being added to fruit drinks, snack foods and cereals and sold on their own to be baked into cookies and sprinkled on yogurt. Grown primarily in Mexico and Bolivia, chia, like fish, is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, though of a different sort. It also has antioxidants, protein and fiber. Recognition of its nutritional...


Yahoo answersChia iskiate is becoming a very popular drink. Is there any bad side effects?

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    In Mexico, they add chia seed to lemonade and call it chia fresca and it is addicting. I was getting 400% of my daily requirement of fiber by drinking this and have to regulate my intake, but it is...

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  • 30 Years After Chia Pets, Seeds Hit Food Aisles

    Australia has recently joined Mexico and Bolivia in the chia-production act with its own type of seed that is grown somewhat differently, Mr. Hirsch said. But it is a difficult crop to grow outside of the traditional areas, and the market is tiny

  • Chinese deal sweetens Ord Valley future

    "Northern Australia will never be the food bowl of world, Asia or even Australia," he said. Mr Bloecker has no such qualms, pointing to his family's 1000ha of rockmelons, honeydews, chia, chickpeas, beans, maize and seed sorghum, and the $120m of food

  • Super grains gain marketing momentum

    In some cases super grains are actually seeds, like chia seeds and amaranth, but they have nutritive properties that are similar to grains, he said. Mr. Vierhile Chia is cultivated in several geographic areas, including South America, Mexico and

  • Let's activate and salivate, foodies

    After a long day at work, pulling out a recipe that calls for chia seeds or any more than six ingredients can quickly erode what's left of your sense of humour. And this is all before we get Australians have a great way of doing that. In the

  • New “GMO Inside” Campaign Denounces Corporate Disinformation Campaign ...

    Nearly 50 countries require labels on GMOs, including Australia, Japan, China, Russia and all of the countries in the European Union. Many of these countries also have restrictions or bans on GMO food production or sale. GMO Inside believes we deserve

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